Privacy Film Tinting Ottawa

Privacy window film is a cost-effective way to protect your privacy and block out views from outsiders while still allowing light to pass into your home or business. The most common types of residential and commercial window film tinting are non-reflective, carbon dyed films which absorb UV rays and ceramic films that offer enhanced heat protection by reflecting solar energy. Interior privacy tint doesn’t necessarily have to deal with solar control and instead is focused on privacy and personal protection. This is ideal for interior applications such as office space or room dividers in a residential home.

Residential Privacy Film Tinting Ottawa

Residential uses for window privacy film often include bathroom windows, patio doors and sidelights on front doors. Window film covering can also be useful on regular windows, especially if there’s not enough space between houses for a sense of privacy. Using a film rather than conventional window treatments such as blinds and curtains is especially appropriate for clean, modern lines, and requires far less maintenance. One way window film allows you to enjoy an unobstructed view while still maintaining your privacy.


Commercial Privacy Film Tinting Ottawa

Window privacy film is used in a wide range of non-residential applications as well. Board rooms and offices can be free of distractions from passing traffic and keep presentations private. Graphics such as logos can be incorporated into window film covering for an effect almost indistinguishable from etching, for a fraction of the price.

One way window film allows you to see out without allowing anyone to see in. It can be used on exterior windows or doors, or in applications where you want to be able to observe activities without being seen yourself, such as security observation or in labs or classrooms.