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Security, Safety, Solar, & Specialty Films

Solar Window Tinting Films
Commercial spaces with excessive sun exposure can be uncomfortable for employees and customers. Sun Shade can help reduce your heating and cooling costs while increasing comfort across the board.

Privacy Window Tinting Films
Open concept offices and communal spaces create a collaborative atmosphere, but they can also cause distraction. Privacy films help reduce sight lines, increase privacy, and make productivity surge.

Security Window Tinting Film
By fixing a strong barrier directly to your windows you greatly reduce the chance of illegal entry and theft. They also work to reduce injury from earthquake or workplace accidents.


Commercial Window Tinting

Impactful branding & cost cutting opportunities

Energy efficiency and environmental considerations are at the forefront of business considerations. 94% of corporate real estate executives surveyed rate energy efficiency as either the most important issue on the list of issues they will face over the next decade. More than two thirds say they will increase their budgets for increasing efficiency over the next five years.

The application of solar control film will improve climate control and lower HVAC costs by reducing solar heat gain in summer seasons and retaining heat during the winter months. Privacy films can help to increase productivity while keeping an open and collaborative environment. Security films add the last piece of the puzzle, securing against intruders and protecting your workers in the case of natural disaster.

Commercial Solar Window Films

Lower HVAC Costs & Increase Productivity

Going green and saving energy is essential for businesses today. Companies everywhere are adopting safer practices for the environment and making strides to better our ecosystem. Reducing waste and preserving energy not only benefits the world we live in, but can build a better business as well. Take a look at the key benefits of green business practices that our clients have experienced.