Bird Strike Prevention Window Tinting Ottawa

Stop Glass Collisions from Happening with Bird Strike Prevention Window Film

Glass collisions are a common problem for cities like Ottawa since we are surrounded by nature and wildlife, including several species of migrating birds. People, pets, and children suffer serious injuries from running into glass doors they don’t see. Distracted drivers can collide with overpasses, skywalk bridges, and pedestrian walkways made from glass. And shocking numbers of birds die every day from flying into the windows of our homes and skyscrapers. Bird strike prevention window film provides Ottawa residents and businesses with a way to prevent glass collisions and make buildings safer for everyone. They’re the ideal solution for hard-to-see windows, sliding patio doors, glass entrances, elevators, skyways and more.

Prevent Injuries & Fatalities with Fritted Window Film

People live busy lives. It’s easy to become distracted and run into walls and windows that are less obvious because they’re made of glass. If the injury is serious enough, it may require a trip to the hospital, or worse. Fritted window films help keep people, children, and animals safe by giving glass areas a more distinct and obvious appearance. Subtle lines or dots help break up the flat, even appearance of glass so that it’s easier to see.

Benefits of Bird Safety Window Film

Safety matters. Installing bird safety window film for your Ottawa property is a humane and environmentally responsible decision. These revolutionary window films are a true architectural innovation with incredible features and benefits such as:

  • Prevents bird strikes and window collisions
  • Protects the environment by preserving important bird species
  • Keeps pets and children safe by making windows more distinct
  • Reduces accidents by making glass overpasses easier to recognize
  • Maintains compliance with building safety codes and Bird Safety Laws

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